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The Eagle Pro ECRK Series uses a quick-lock design allowing fast and easy assembly and disassembly.  The long handle allows pumping to be easier.  The ECRK series includes thick walled extension tubes that add strength and extend the life span of the product.  It also includes a flexible, hydraulic hose that has spring guards at both ends.  The Eagle Pro ECRK series includes a plastic case to allow organized storage and easy carrying.



Model Description Repair Sheets Instructions CAD
Series Series Series Series
ECRK-4 4 Ton Body Repair Kit Download Download
ECRk-10 10 Ton Body Repair Kit Download Download
Model Pump Capacity Capacity Cylinder
Collapsed Height Extended Height Effective Area Number of Attachements Weight
psi tons in in in2
ECRK-4 7000 4 10.59 14.53 0.59 14 44.0
ECRK-10 7000 10 14.84 20.75 1.33 14 72.6



Established in 1996, Eagle Pro Industrial Tools, Inc. is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic tools for industrial applications. With our headquarters located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we have 4 facilities worldwide, a complete Engineering staff, and over 400 employees.

Eagle Pro hydraulic products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 a thorough international quality assurance program which involves consistent observation of administration, management, manufacturing, and production control. This results in reliable, dependable, high quality products that you can count on every time.

EAGLE PRO hydraulic cylinders meet or exceed ANSI B30.

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