Eagle Pro EPD series gasoline powered hydraulic pumps allow you to use hydraulics as a work force multiplier in even the remotest locations.

We don’t have to tell you that high pressure hydraulic equipment has to be tough stuff. Its’ tossed around in the back of pickups, thrown on trailers, and shoved into dirty storage areas when the job is complete, and still expected to power through the next job.

Subaru’s EA Series engines are engineered and built specifically for demanding applications and extreme conditions encountered by high force hydraulic equipment. The EA series offer easier starts, quieter operation and more power than anything in its class. Featuring advanced chain-driven overhead cam (OHC) technology and their impressive 3-year warranty, it’s an easy choice for demanding work environments.

Model Cylinder Type Usable Oil Volume Flow at Rated Pressure Pressure Rating Valve Valve Type Valve Function Engine Oil Output Thread Weight (without oil)
(Gallon) First Stage (in³/min) Second Stage (in³/min) First Stage (psi) Second Stage (psi) (hp) (lbs)
EPD-1008 Single Acting 5 520 100 1450 10,000 EV-43M3A 3W/3P ADVANCE/HOLD/RETURN 5.5 3/8" - 18 NPT 108
EPD-1005 Double Acting 5 520 100 1450 10,000 EV-43M4E 4W/3P ADVANCE/HOLD/RETURN 5.5 3/8" - 18 NPT 108
Model Description Repair Sheets Instructions CAD
Series Series Series Series
EPD-1008 Gas powered hydraulic pump, Single acting Download
EPD-1005 Gas powered hydraulic pump, Double acting Download

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